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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cala Lily Rain, Oil Painting

"Cala Lily Rain" 12'W x 16"H - oil on stretched linen. I am totally better, I have really taken some time off to collect my health and spirit back. This latest piece is from my paint-out day at the San Clemente Garden & Flower Show. Several of us San Clemente Art Association members came to paint at the community center on April 18th. It was a beautiful day and the floral arrangements were colorful. I liked the way these tall Cala Lilies stood out against blue velvet drapery in a tall glass vase. I stayed later than all the other artists and when all the gardeners left, I had silence and solitude to delve into my banks of creativity. That's when I got the urge to turn the blue drapes into rain instead. I was laughing as I mixed up several values of blue and made long strokes down the canvas in strategic places. I also took some of my mineral spirits into a paper towel and trickled it over the paint to cause it to run down the canvas. I laughed some more! It was thrilling to see the colors melt and bleed. I stopped before I went too far and packed it up to go home. I started and finished this painting in one afternoon, it is a beauty in person. Price will set later, email me if you are interested. This may go on eBay for a Buy It Now Price. I will add the link if I do later. I am taking off from this piece into a 4ft wide x 2ft high work of art using similar but different colors. The subject, a waterlily pond!

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