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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cala Lily Rain, Oil Painting

"Cala Lily Rain" 12'W x 16"H - oil on stretched linen. I am totally better, I have really taken some time off to collect my health and spirit back. This latest piece is from my paint-out day at the San Clemente Garden & Flower Show. Several of us San Clemente Art Association members came to paint at the community center on April 18th. It was a beautiful day and the floral arrangements were colorful. I liked the way these tall Cala Lilies stood out against blue velvet drapery in a tall glass vase. I stayed later than all the other artists and when all the gardeners left, I had silence and solitude to delve into my banks of creativity. That's when I got the urge to turn the blue drapes into rain instead. I was laughing as I mixed up several values of blue and made long strokes down the canvas in strategic places. I also took some of my mineral spirits into a paper towel and trickled it over the paint to cause it to run down the canvas. I laughed some more! It was thrilling to see the colors melt and bleed. I stopped before I went too far and packed it up to go home. I started and finished this painting in one afternoon, it is a beauty in person. Price will set later, email me if you are interested. This may go on eBay for a Buy It Now Price. I will add the link if I do later. I am taking off from this piece into a 4ft wide x 2ft high work of art using similar but different colors. The subject, a waterlily pond!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Artist Recovering, Convalescing

I am still recovering after a mild heat stroke and illness I suffered last weekend. Yes, they were about to call the paramedics and I said no. No I am not kicking the bucket yet, so my collectors of my art will have to wait awhile for the works you own to accrue. Heh-heh, I am trying to insert some humor here! The weekend art show at the Mission SJC was a lesson in the outcome of a bad economy also. It' is not just me, it is world-wide how the art market is suffering. If you doubt it, read this unbelievably intelligent article from I subscribe to their newsletter, as an artist wanting to know what is going on in the world of art, I highly recommend this website for global art information. In a nutshell, the author speaks of how the declining art market needs to develop new strategies to stay afloat.
Meanwhile, as I am convalescing, I am redeveloping my own approach to my art. I am beginning a large piece, 4ft wide x 2ft high. Large artworks take planning. It's been a long time since I painted large, it is not anything new to me, I have focused too long on small works for plein air. Being ill has it's perks, I am staying home and placed a large easel outside on my clay tile patio. I get to breathe fresh air, not over exert my body by lugging heavy art equipment and the Chihuahua puppy can play in the backyard. I'll give you a hint what my subject matter or motif is, 'waterlilies'. Oh, I can't wait to build the palette. I have done sketches so far yesterday with lots of brainy notes based on composition, color choices, values, design and focus. Next, I will do an oil sketch to map out the layout in 4-5 values. I will take images and place up here later. Enjoy Easter!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Art Day at the Mission San Juan Capistrano

Today was such a fun day at the Mission, pessimism was not allowed here. The weather was perfect, the art was upper crust, the spring breeze was cool and the live music was the icing on the cake. It started out very slow, I was very late, (what's new?) but once I set up, the conversations with passerbys started. Sales were next to bare minimum, but the artists understood because of the economy. The art collectors seemed to have an unanimous opinion to avoid spending, only 7 total sales were conducted among 60 artists spaces. I didn't mind, I had some that came very close to buying, but in these times I wasn't giving it my sales person pitch as in the past. I want someone to fall in love and want a piece that they will be happy with the rest of their lives for their investment. I got a couple of strong nibbles on my best works, I knew those pieces would get lots of interest beforehand, but the upper price is something people now think very hard about before plunging. So, I had a stand back attitude and let's just enjoy this incredible day with music from a solo musician within twenty feet of me. He serenaded people all day, his voice carried away on the wind like butterflies in the breeze, it was tickling the senses. After awhile, the spiritual essence of the Mission grounds called me and I took my camera and went on a photo safari. For your enjoyment as it was mine, here are some images from today. My art space with my art works for one. Half the show of artists for another. Myself standing next to my space thanks to my artist neighbor. Then I wandered off to the waterlily, koi, fountain pond, my favorite spot in the whole mission, besides Father Serra's Chapel. I melt into putty when I walk into the chapel, it is incredibly spiritual and will bring any Catholic, Christian or believer in God to their knees. The alter was brought over on a ship from Spain, it is over 400 years old and an intricate golden sculpture in wood. There are candles everywhere. You can light some. Once you pay your respects to the divine, you feel free to enjoy the gorgeous nature of the mission grounds. I feel the whole property is divine and holds many spirits of the past, it's what makes this place so special. I will be there tomorrow, if you don't mind paying $9.00 per adult, it is well worth it. Better than a movie by far! Here's the link to the Mission SJC. If it is slow again tomorrow, I will do a painting en plein air, I need to capture some of the unique color and antiquity of the buildings. See you!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Outdoor Fine Art Show at Mission San Juan Capistrano April 4-5, 2009

This is where I will be this weekend, "Painting the California Landscape" Annual Members Juried Art Show & Outdoor Art Show. Held within the grounds of the Mission San Juan Capistrano. Admission to the Mission is $9.00 per adult, $8.00 per adult over 60 yrs old and $5.00 for 12 & under. The outdoor art show is within the central courtyard of the Mission around the larger fountain. I am booth 43, I will have a sign that says Esther J. Williams at the top of my display rack. Come by and visit, see many gorgeous works of art, view the Mission's fabulous spring array of flowers and relax watching the koi swim among the waterlilies. The weather is expected to be gorgeous, nothing like fresh air to breath! Here's the link to the Mission SJC. Here's one of my paintings that will be on display and for sale.