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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Artist's New Website -

I finally took the plunge and signed up with Clint Watson's Fine Arts Studion Online. I have spent the past two days building an official website with much of my available art on it. You can see it at It is looking good but I have to add about 40 more paintings on there, it is time consuming. I am pleased with the presentation of the initial page of the site, the links, the categories and organization. I just wish the images could be larger and I could offer a multiple number of detailed close-ups for each painting. I am doing the 60 day free trial now, if I am content with the outcome of the complete site, I will stay on. Right now you can't look me up in his directory since I am not a paying member. Check out the website, it is nifty!
Recently sold is Easy Rider Dinghy - Balboa. I hand delivered this to a new client as she wanted to surprise her husband that evening. He proposed to her in front of this little boat, it carries a most pleasant memory for them, so now they have a beautiful painting of it to last them a lifetime. I am honored and touched by this, see the sold painting below. Easy Rider Dinghy - Balboa, oil on canvas 18"W x 14"H, framed.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Waterlilies and Koi Pondscape Oil Painting

The first digital image I placed here weeks ago has been deleted due to flaws in the color profile of my old desktop computer in which the colors had shifted too much. I had to bring my laptop in for repairs and was forced to use my old dinosaur computer. This latest image was composed on my upgraded laptop which has been calibrated. If it appears too dark or too light to you, then I suggest calibrating your monitor with the Spyder2 calibrator or any quality calibrator.
"Pondscape of Waterlilies and Koi" Here it is, I spent 8 days painting this beauty. It measures 48" wide x 24" high. It is oil on 3/4" depth canvas. It is not framed. Price is $1,250 including shipping. Click here to buy it now on eBay. It is a gorgeous work of art, it looks ten times better in person. See the added image of the painting placed above the fireplace in my livingroom. It truly gives a sense of depth to a wall, it takes you into the water with the fish. If interested in purchasing, contact me by going to my profile page and clicking on email or going to the eBay listing to contact me. I have many more close-up images on the eBay listing. Click on the image above to make it larger in another screen.