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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Artist Recovering, Convalescing

I am still recovering after a mild heat stroke and illness I suffered last weekend. Yes, they were about to call the paramedics and I said no. No I am not kicking the bucket yet, so my collectors of my art will have to wait awhile for the works you own to accrue. Heh-heh, I am trying to insert some humor here! The weekend art show at the Mission SJC was a lesson in the outcome of a bad economy also. It' is not just me, it is world-wide how the art market is suffering. If you doubt it, read this unbelievably intelligent article from I subscribe to their newsletter, as an artist wanting to know what is going on in the world of art, I highly recommend this website for global art information. In a nutshell, the author speaks of how the declining art market needs to develop new strategies to stay afloat.
Meanwhile, as I am convalescing, I am redeveloping my own approach to my art. I am beginning a large piece, 4ft wide x 2ft high. Large artworks take planning. It's been a long time since I painted large, it is not anything new to me, I have focused too long on small works for plein air. Being ill has it's perks, I am staying home and placed a large easel outside on my clay tile patio. I get to breathe fresh air, not over exert my body by lugging heavy art equipment and the Chihuahua puppy can play in the backyard. I'll give you a hint what my subject matter or motif is, 'waterlilies'. Oh, I can't wait to build the palette. I have done sketches so far yesterday with lots of brainy notes based on composition, color choices, values, design and focus. Next, I will do an oil sketch to map out the layout in 4-5 values. I will take images and place up here later. Enjoy Easter!

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