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Friday, October 22, 2010

Limestone Canyon Oaks - Irvine Ranch Wilderness | Esther J. Williams - Blog

Because I have been so busy lately, I am linking my blog from my website to here, just click on the link below to go there. It is a nice long story with lots of pics!

Limestone Canyon Oaks - Irvine Ranch Wilderness | Esther J. Williams - Blog

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Plein Air in Limestone Canyon

When the air is fresh and the sky is blue, the temperature is warm, there is nothing better to do than paint en plein air in the wilderness.  This location is in the Irvine Ranch Wilderness called Limestone Canyon and is accessible on Open Access Day.  The trails are wide enough for bikes, horses and hikers, even artists.  I showed up and two more artists did on this fine Sunday morning.  The fella you see painting is Anthony Salvo, he is a great artist, painted a beauty that day.  The other artist with me was Veronica Kortz, she is not in the images.  I shot video of her and will post it another time.  I am the smiling one, this was taken by a Irvine Ranch docent, Mike Boeck. 
It started out completely overcast, then cleared up at 11am, we painted until 2pm.  I showed my friends this meadow which is a good hike about half a mile up the trail.  There are some large oaks several hundered years old covering the trail at a bend, the Santa Ana mountains are in the distance.  Made a great composition with the trail going through the wild golden oats leading into the middle ground, then off into blue mountains.  It did get pretty warm later and we did sweat a lot hauling our supplies back, but capturing this scene was worth the effort.  I am presently refining my work sketch in the studio as I speak.   I am turing an otherwise rough looking piece into a more developed landscape.  The completed landscape will be posted later.   Back to painting in my studio now...
California Impressionist Artist