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Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Dangerous Catch Type Boat, oil painting

I got so excited when I saw this old fishing boat in the Dana Point Harbor. I went to paint with the SOCALPAPA artist's last Friday, July 17th and I think I swooned and babbled so much about how I would paint it that it got a few more artists painting it too! Anyway, I had wished I had a larger canvas. This is oil on linen over board 14"W x 11"H. I have purposely cut off the last quarter of the boat to give the front end the focal point. I watched it for awhile and mentally pictured how my scene would look in the end. There was a little dingy that would come by once in awhile with fish on it and the guys would stir up the pelicans and egrets. I felt it created drama and artistically placed them aroud the focal area under the boat's name, "Cachalot". I really loved painting this one and I think it shows. I have since gone back to where it was docked and it is still there. I want to paint it again, but there is so much going on right now with my art life. I am working on entering two more exhibitions. This was entered into the SOCALPAPA's summer online juried show. I will find out the results of the show next Sunday at our annual summer party. We will be at Doheny Beach having a potluck picnic!
I have also painted a small work study from my upper deck at my new house. I have a view of a canyon corridor that when the sunset dips behind it, it creates a new atmosphere every night. I am completely enthralled with this setting and want to paint it many times. Living within the two mile coastal climate makes our place have it's own weather patterns. I am eager to prepare many small linen panels to paint these little jewels in the future. I will also create a larger painting from several of them someday.
I am still unpacking and organizing our home. The Koi pond is done and we have had a Great Blue Heron problem, no fish lost, but I had to install the electric fence again. I am still working on planting lilies, irises and daffodils around the rest of the pond. I realized that Monet has influenced me more than an artistic way, I love to build a sanctuary pond and garden like he did. Mine is a smaller scale at this house. If I ever buy a larger plot of land, I will most definitely go larger. I have spent many an evening just sitting in a chair watching the fish swim and the sun set, it's very calming and rejuvenating too. Until next time I get a chance to write, enjoy your life, plant seeds, plants and spread love from your heart into the earth.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Moved into New Residence, setting up art studio

I am afraid I will still be offline with the blog for a little while longer. I have taken a long needed break from the internet to organize my new place of living. I hope to be back soon. All is well despite receiving two hard hits to my head while moving. One resulted in a concussion and it took days to recover. I am enjoying the ocean breezes at our new residence and the coastal atmosphere. The canyon corridor we live on is spectacular and will offer many views for plein air paintings right from my backyard and deck.
I entered into the San Clemente Plein Air competition from June 20-27. I painted a 9x12 oil on canvas and it sold already. I didn't get a chance to photograph it, maybe I can contact the new owners and get one. Until we meet again.

Happy 4th of July to all!