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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beachcomber Martini Time, new plein air impressionism oil painting

"Beachcomber Martini Time" is a wonderful new work from my recent vacation at Crystal Cove Cottages.  It is 16"W x 12"H.  Oil on linen panel.  I painted this on location, it took three days of working in the same spot at the same time of day.  That is because of all the detail, if it were an easier composition, it would be a one day painting.  A customer of mine was asking why artists do not paint the Beachcomber restaurant there.  I soon knew why, to paint it full on erases the beach atmosphere that it overlooks.  Well, that is the reason why people love this place so much, it sits right on the beach.  So, I thought, "How do I capture the Beachcomber, the Crystal Cove setting and a bit of the blue ocean it overlooks?  I came up with two angles, one that is south of this spot and this one that looks back at it from the north side.  Now, we got atmosphere and the Beachcomber restaurant, plus it is Martini time.  The black flag is raised on the flag pole at martini hour which is about 5pm everyday.  It is a ritual that everyone loves.  I got to loving it as I observed the little saluting ceremony each day.  Happiness and beach bliss.  Cheers!  This is on hold for sale approval already.