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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Sense of Crystal Cove State Beach

I went to Crystal Cove this past Saturday in order to paint, at least I brought my supplies to do so. I went past my schedule by going to a lecture at the Laguna Art Museum on William Wendt. I also stopped by a local Laguna gallery and chatted with an artist friend Jean Glass for a long time. By the time I arrived at Crystal Cove, the sun was descending rapidly. Instead of painting, I opened up all of my senses and my camera lens to absorb this wonderful moment of watching the sunset. I wrote this on the beach right after it set in my sketchbook:

"Watched the sun go gradually down. When it set, a form of clouds erupted to the south in tails of pink pointing towards the "Beaches" cottage. Bands of crimson streaks spread out like fireworks above Catalina Island cast in deep violet. Reflections of the clouds were all over the sea and wet sand like oil spots. Looking up north, the cottage windows reflected the warm lights in the skies. Bands of pink cast across the sky to the cliffs which the cottages were tucked into. The lights along the cottage entries began to come on with a soft roundness. The air was warm and had a tropical breeze flowing around your skin ever so softly. Scents of grilled food permeated the air from the Beachcomber. Darkness was setting in. People's voices were everywhere as kid's playing and grown-ups chatting. Waves repeated their muffled roar and simmering sounds. Seaweed washed ashore, left to dry, released it's salty essence of the sea into each breath you took. It was the end of another perfect day at Crystal Cove."

Look for some inspirational studio paintings to come forth from this visit. I felt every sense within me absorbed by this day. Those clouds were awe inspiring. The smell in the air, the touch of the warm breeze, the sounds of the waves and happy beach goers. There was one more sense, the sixth sense. I was enlightened by my own spirit driving me to go here this day by a vision I had in the early morning. I saw myself in the tunnel that goes under the coast highway. When I saw the tunnel, I knew where it was and felt I must go there for some reason, I hadn't planned to earlier at all. But when my spirit sends me a visual, I follow it's suggestion. It proved a point, I was going to miss out on a most fulfilling sunset and day of tonality with the sea if I didn't go. I am blessed to have that inner sight and this spiritual place to visit.

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