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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Low Tide Afternoon, Crystal Cove Painting

This was a feat! I wanted to paint a very special impressionistic piece of Crystal Cove from the tide pools, so here it is. It is 20"W x 10"H, oil on linen, stretched. The title is Low Tide Afternoon - Crystal Cove. I got lucky when the tide went out and stayed out over the reef and rocks. It left a beautiful blue reflection in the water that lingered around the rocks, accented against the warm colored, wet sand in the foreground. By standing out here I got a great panoramic view of the cottages along the shoreline. It turned out very well, I am extremely pleased with the variations of colors in values and mixing of yellow orange, orange, greens, yellow greens, violets, mauves, pinks and blues.
I am going to enter this into some exhibition, I am not sure which one yet. I was going to place it into the San Clemente Art Gallery, but I decided not to because it is just so gorgeous, I wanted to look at it a bit more. I will also do limited edition giclees because it is a becoming viewpoint of the popular Crystal Cove beach getaway. The original will be placed in a wide black frame with gold trim. Price will be $450.00.

This is another smaller Crystal Cove painting I just placed at the San Clemente Art Gallery in a wide gold plein air frame for $145.00, tax included.

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