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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

In the competition!

On Sunday September 7, I entered my weary self into the SOCALPAPA Paints the Peninsula competition. The night before I was up until 2am designing my new website, It is launched prematurely and still under construction, but at least the home page, contact page, blog page and gallery collection is visible. I spent a few years studying Macromedia Dreamweaver, a ridiculously difficult web design program with tons of bells and whistles to it. I have a lot more to learn with that program, but I wanted a website that reflected my need to show my creativity and hands into everything I make. I hand sculpted a gold logo of my signature, hand extracted paint tubes for navigation bars and even an antique gold frame to showcase my latest works. There is supposed to be a belgian canvas background, I have to figure how to float it behind my main frames still. Adobe Dreamweaver's website has the greatest knowledge base to ask questions.
Well, I got off to a great start at the Balboa Island Pavillion on Sunday. I started a 16X12 painting around 3pm, it took me awhile to find the right subject with lots of interesting colors and lighting. I show here three images of the spot I found. Keep in mind that the painting is not done. I am going back today to finish it this afternoon. I was kept company by lots of interesting people, fisherman, tourists and even a 75 year old lady who cleans soda cans off the fishing boats when they dock in the evening. Oh, the Pelicans were my favorite creature, I must paint one, maybe today. I love them! All day long they wandered around the dock I was at. I took lots of pictures and so did a fellow artist I was with Veronica Kortz, we loved the whole area. It's fun to know I can go here to Balboa Island and bask in the sun painting, then wander around looking at the sights each day this week. The completion is Friday when we turn in two paintings. There is a reception that night at the Newport Harbor Nautical Museum 6PM-9PM, Sept 12th. Then Saturday and Sunday Sept 13th & 14th, I will have a booth in front of the museum during our outdoor art sale from 10Am - 6PM. Come see us all, there is going to be the most gorgeous art! Remember, this is PLEIN AIR art, done on location. Bye for now, I have to run, I feel like I am in the Olympics running, no, swimming! Esther :>)

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