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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blue Umbrellas, 6X8 oil on linen, plein air impressionism painting from Esther J. Williams

I went to the San Clemente Pier yesterday to paint in plein air.  I have to prep myself for the upcoming "Paint San Clemente Plein Air Competition from June 19 - 26th.  I will be a contestant for the eighth time this year.  I started competing in 2003 and it has become an annual event for me.  I love San Clemente, it has a beautiful pier, lots of clean beaches, historic clay tile roof homes, quaint shops, interesting people and pretty fine weather.  Yesterday was one of those fine weather days, a slight marine layer in the morning that parted to blue skies and gorgeous aqua colors in the ocean around the pier.  I decided to paint a portion of the pier since it is so long.  I just kept looking at how intense blue the umbrellas were on the outdoor deck of the Fisherman's Restaurant.  People were dotting the deck and strolling along the pier.  Such life everywhere!  The mid day sun was lighting up the cobalt blue color of the umbrellas and I just happened to have cobalt blue oil paint.  I also had a vintage tube of cerulean blue oil paint, both had to be played with. They are brilliant colors and cheered up the whole painting.   I toned down the rest of the composition using combinations of red-brown, ochre-brown and a seas green blend in the ocean and pier.  I spent a leisure 3 hours painting this on scene while watching hoards of Memorial Day weekenders arrive to bask in the sun on the coast around me.  It was a great day, I was productive and spent a little time sitting in my beach chair reading and eating my meal I brought.   I love days like this when life goes smoothly.  Today I did lots of housework which was drudgery, but I am not a rich artist who can afford a housekeeper.  Besides, I do it better.  Have a wonderful weekend, I am going to picnic with my family at some beach, not sure which one yet.  I will be painting in Laguna Beach tomorrow, Sunday, Saim Caglayan from LPAPA is giving a demonstration at Heisler Park, one of my favorite places to paint.  I will be posting a seascape again in a few days!  If interested in purchasing this piece, "Blue Umbrellas"  it is $100 plus a small shipping fee.  email me by clicking on View My Profile, my email address is there.

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