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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beach Cove Morning by Esther J. Williams, a Crystal Cove Cottage

"Beach Cove Morning" Oil on stretched linen, 14"W x 11"H x 0.75" Depth. A cool Crystal Cove morning at the "Beaches Cottage" the one they filmed the movie "Beaches" at. It starred Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey, made in 1995? It is my favorite cottage here. I removed the ugly red picket stretched fence that borders all the closed cottages from the painting composition.
This is available for $385 without a frame or $420 with.

I won another honorable mention from the San Clemente Art Gallery on May 8, 2010. It was for "Alaskan Fishing Vessel", 12"W x 9"H, oil on linen. The painting is for sale there at the price of $300.00 with a black wood frame, gold inner trim. It will be on exhibition until June 17 or 18th, 2010, unless it is sold first.

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