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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Doheny Palms, plein air oil painting 11X14

Painted completely en plein air, this is Doheny Beach, Dana Point, CA. It was our picnic day with SOCALPAPA, Southern California Plein Air Painters Association. We also had a little paint-out so I chose the palm grove above the picnic area. They are extremely tall and elegant. The whole atmosphere was one of a tropical essence, the day was warm, the breeze was blowing onshore, people were setting up canopies to shade themselves and the beach was filling up with people behind me. I liked the palm tree backdrop and tried to create a wispy, summery day feeling. It is 14"W X 11"H, oil on belgian linen, stretched onto stretcher bars, no frame. This is considered a work sketch, price is $125.00. It received lots of compliments also. This is now on eBay up for auction for a short time longer at the asking price of $125.00. There are several more original oils up there also if you are in the market for lovely art.

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