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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Crystal Cove paintings

I was painting here on Friday, December 12th and it was turning out to be a nice painting. I had to bring it home unfinished but I came back with it on Sunday December 14th to finish it on location. Well, someone stole it from the unloading spot where I left it while I took my wagon down to the Beachcomber. Whomever took it got an unfinished, wet oil painting that I hope stuck to their clothes and ruined them. I put several hours into that piece, it cost me money for a linen canvas and I had to start it all over again because I really loved this scene. So, Sunday afternoon, I began it again. It is not done yet, I got sidetracked. I show an image of it on location here. Actually, I like this one better, it taught me one thing, not to turn your back on your painting, but the next best thing it taught me, never throw in the towel, try again and you will do even better. I had everything in my head how to set up the composition and I even changed it for the betterment of the painting design. I am about to finish it today in my studio. I will add an image later. Well, my husband & I stayed overnight on Sunday in the cottage and partied a little too much. I was wiped out the next day and it was a day that went in my favor as it poured down rain. No painting allowed in that drenched situation. A couple we met took a picture of us on the deck and you can see in my red nose, I had already been hitting the champagne. Just look at that sunset, it was truly divine! Then during the night, the storm hit and I was not sleeping well with rain hitting on ocean front windows sideways. I felt seasick the next morning! I could not even look at the turbulent waves coming in, it made me very woozy and I love looking at the waves. The champagne and wine we drank was making it's own waves, I was so sorry I had that much. I took a picture right through the large kitchen window before we left and it shows the downpour conditions. I like that picture a lot though. I would love to paint that scene someday. So, I did not paint a lot like I had planned, but we met wonderful people and gained new friends.

Crystal Cove Stormy Weather Below

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