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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Another Fine Crystal Cove Oil Painting

This is "Crystal Cove - Cottage 12", oil on stretched 10X8 linen. It is from a trip I took there on November 6, 2008. I started it on location, got sidetracked by stunning weather that day and just picked it up in my home studio over a month later, then finished it right before Christmas. I took several digital images on site that day with my big DSLR Olympus camera, so I had perfect colors to paint from besides my memory of the place, which is very vivid. There was a single seagull sitting right on top of the cottage #12, so he is included in this painting. The colors in this are very, very vintage, earth toned and nostalgic. It is painted with a tribute to Rex Brandt and his ideas of using design motifs in landscape composition and staying true to values. I have been reading a 1959 book he wrote over and over again recently, it has taught me new ideas. I think it shows here.

Price is $145.00 in a wide gold plein air frame. It is presently hung at the San Clemente Art Gallery through February 13th.

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