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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Won Second Place Award for Boudoir Beauty Rest Painting

This is a good feeling, I have been working very hard to get to the point where I receive higher awards. Finally on Saturday February 20 at the San Clemente Art Gallery, it happened. My painting Boudoir Beauty Rest took second place in the Figural category. This gallery does not give out the upper awards so easily and this means a lot to me to receive it. For those of you who own one of my paintings, it means that you are benefiting by collecting the art of an artist who is getting higher awards and will continue to do so. Not only do I strive to create an emotional, beautiful, inspiring work of art each time, I give everything I have learned to create a great work of art that follows established rules. Although I am known to break the rules and still make it work. If you are interested in seeing this piece in person, it and another one of my landscapes is available at the San Clemente Art Gallery from now until April 2, 2010. To see a better image of this, go to my website,
My landscape painting, Tres Robles - Three Oaks is also on view and for sale in a plein air frame at the SC Art Gallery.

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