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Thursday, December 10, 2009

1950s Bride Doll, Cissy - an original oil painting

This is on my easel right now as I speak, it's a 5"W x 5"H oil on gesso board painting. Just to let you know this doll is still being manufactured but is different looking now. I collected them for years and this was a Cissy doll in my personal collection. I am not affiliated with the Madame Alexander Doll Company and will not be offering prints of this in any way. There are trademark and copyright laws protecting this doll. I am offering only the original and as an artists I have that right to paint a single use. I have done original oil paintings of the Barbie and they are in private collections. That's where this one will wind up. So, please do not try to reproduce this or you may face legal actions from the mother company, not I. It makes me very nervous to post an image of a famous doll, I do not want repercussions by the head company. But I can't resist my drive to paint in admiration for the beauty, the essence, the reminder of an era in these vintage dolls. My feelings certainly show in this painting. I am working on the application of the colors today, I wanted the underpainting to set dry. I used a hand blended mix of cadmium yellow, cadmium red and a tiny of blue, then grey to make the color you see. I washed in down with Linseed oil and Gamsol to apply thinly and sculpt the head and face using more diluted paint to show lighter values. I almost want to leave it like it is, it's very vintage looking like an old Rembrandt, DaVinci or Michelangelo sketch. But this is a preliminary drawing to pave the way for color and have it down in the right values. I will post the finished image tomorrow.

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