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Friday, November 13, 2009

Bommer Canyon Oaks and Sycamores, Landscape Oil Painting

Just off the easel, "Bommer Canyon Oaks and Sycamores, 18"W X14"H, on stretched linen, 3/4"D. Another Irvine Ranch wilderness landscape oil painting that was just finished after starting this on location in the secluded Bommer Canyon. I was in attendance there on a limited open access day on Halloween, October 31st. What attracted me to this scene was the gigantic form of the oak tree as it sprawled out and over the slope. The fact that it was a part of a cascading line of oaks made it even more appealing, the smaller oaks lead to and told the size of the magnificence of the larger oak. This is fall and the sycamore trees are a vibrant array of gold greens, yellow orange and burnt reds. But they are supporting actors to the star of the show, the mother oak. The unique form of the giant oak sent chills through me as I could sense it's strength and natural energy. Here was a tree, a truly wild oak that was allowed to it's maximum growth, unhindered by man in developed communities. Here is nature in it's purest form, that excites me and I must capture this unique organic beauty in the autumn light, using my artistic abilities.
I used the color wheel for making different complimentary values, hues and chroma utilizing a tetrad that was organized beforehand on my palette after studying the special colors in this setting on location. I noticed a distinct tetrad of blue-violet, yellow-orange, green and red while analyzing the setting. The yellow orange light passing through the oak and lighting up the sycamores was balanced with the blue-violet shadows beneath the trees and shrubbery, also in the background in a hazing out into the distance. The deep shadow of the oak tree's form gave it vivid dimension. To paint this, I gradually built up the form of the tree using my creative processes and working from shadow families to light families to build a strong composition. I have learned much from a modern master, Kevin Macpherson by reading his books, "Landscape Painting, Inside & Out" and "Fill Your Oil Paintings with Light & Color". I have practiced what he preaches for 2 years now and he is a great influence on my work.
The painting is signed in the lower right corner, it will be framed and is presently being submitted to the Points of View Landscape exhibition through Southern Calif. Artist's Association. Price is $500 and will be available soon wether or not it gets into the show. It is a modern landscape exhibition and I am just not sure if they will consider it contemporary enough.

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