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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Orchids Blooming

During a one week period, I acquired an orchid centerpiece from a charity function my husband and I attended. I decided to paint one of the orchids before they wilted on a 6X6 gesso covered board. It was so enjoyable to do. Just as I finished that work, an orchid of my very own decided to open it's annual bloom. I was more than happy to paint it's gorgeous flower. It prompted me to go out and buy orchid fertilizer to get my other ones blooming. I have half a dozen or more. I am anxiously waiting because I love this new series. I might just have to buy a few more orchids. These 6X6 size little works of art are quick daily paintings that offer me satisfaction of doing an alla prima (painted in one session) painting. I placed the subject in a morning light on my dining room table just to capture the natural light of the sun on the flowers. I tilted the little beauties so there was a cast shadow and the focal point was just off-center. I used thick applications of paint for an impasto (raised paint) look. I like how they look so real but are truly an artistic abstraction of each flower. I will probably place these for auction on eBay. I will add a link later. Orchids are actually called epiphytes, a plant that grows on anther plant. I did a report on them back in high school or college and got an A. I have always been attracted to them.

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